Monday, October 21


It was a great weekend at Ford Field Food Field!  Thanks to Jeff McCabe’s Nifty Hoops (and some great volunteers) for building a new 156-foot movable hoop house, soon to be full of spinach, arugula and spicy greens for the winter.  This was made possible by a USDA grant to boost season extension in Wayne County—keep your eyes out for more hoops in Hamtramck, the North End and elsewhere, and get ready for a food sovereign Detroit in our future.

Next door, our other hoop house is also planted for winter and the fish pond is ready to go; 600 catfish and blue gill are arriving next Monday the 28th!  They’ll get to share the pond with our ducks once we move them in to warmer quarters soon.  Chickens continue pumping out eggs, turkeys are putting on weight, and our bees are donating some honey to the larder.  This week we’ll be taking advantage of this year’s bumper crop of apples and pressing cider.  The garlic’s been sorted, beans have been shelled, and we could really use that root cellar right about now…

Help take some of this bounty off our hands and sign up for Food Field’s Holiday CSA Share.  It will run for 5 weeks starting November 19; cost is $150 and pickup is at the farm (or $20 more for delivery in the area).  You’ll get such items as sweet potatoes, squash, garlic, onions, salad greens, carrots and other vegetables plus preserved tomatoes, pickles, salsa & other goodies.  Don’t follow the crowds to the supermarket for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & Christmas—we’ve got everything you need!  Download the signup form here or email with any questions.

We’re still at Eastern Market for a couple more weeks so come out and see us there in Shed 3 tomorrow and next Tuesday (9AM-3PM).  Big thanks to regular volunteers Mike and Klara for help running the table, and also to Aaron, Annie, Lizzy, Zephyr and others back on the farm.  And congrats to Brooke Webber and Jonathan Patty on their new gig running the Lilli Pilli Health Bar!  They put on a wonderful farm-to-table dinner here last month, of which there will be more to come next year.  (If you have photos from the dinner, we’d love to see them!)