Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year! As we get ready for another busy season, now's a good time to thank everyone who volunteered on the farm, donated supplies, invested in trees, bought and sold our produce, and otherwise helped make our first year possible. So...thank you to Ellen and Terry, Doug, Eric, Ebonique, James, Greg, Jeff and Lisa, Richard and Deb, Carmen, Timmy, Paul, Jade, JP, Toby, Scooter, Earl, Sebastien, Mary Ellen, Aspen and Tim, Helen, Kate, Sarah, Blair, Hillary, Craig, Curtis, Justin, Bryan, Bill, Kathryn, Anne, Alex and Zena, Adam, Ben, Jill, Nate, Clayton, Melinda, Andy, everyone who helped with the hoop build and anyone else I've forgotten! Hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and productive year ahead.