Sunday, June 30

It's been another wet month (unlike last June, when it failed to rain a single day).  Our water tanks are full to the brim, and the garlic soaking up as much as it can handle before harvest time in July.  The ducks are thrilled with so many puddles to splash in, though the grapes and other crops may be feeling a little soggy.  The chicken run is full again with 40 new hens that will start laying this summer.  All the rain's saved us much time watering the fruit trees and new fields, where squash, melons, popcorn and sweet clover are coming up nicely.  We picked our first ripe quart of tomatoes this week, and also got a taste of a few ripe cherries and strawberries.  Bindweed (and other enemies) continue to grow almost as fast as our to-do list.

CSA shares are still available if you missed the beginning of the season.  The cost is the full share ($450) minus $20 for each week missed (3 so far).  Don't get stuck eating bland red tomatoes and green beans this summer--join now!

We also have decals, postcards, recipes and t-shirts for sale if you didn't get one in our fundraiser earlier this year.  Get it here or find us at the market--we're at Eastern Market Tuesdays starting July 9 and downtown at Lafayette Greens Thursdays (except this July 4)!


Some photos from the farm in June: