Sunday, March 24

Happy Easter!  (Every day is Easter at Food Field)

As Alex noted this week on our Indiegogo campaign, we've had a big change of plans regarding our chicken flock. Some mysterious animal got its way into our coop and wreaked havoc recently, cutting our flock down from nearly 40 to just 6. We were lucky to have a number of friends on hand to help round up the survivors and do the bloody work of culling the most wounded. We've yet to determine the culprit (a fence-climbing dog? a diurnal and especially savage opossum?) but we'll be taking extra measures to rebuild and fortify their fence before restocking the coop this spring.

As this deathly holiday approaches, take note that we still have lots of eggs for sale! Stock up this week for your Easter egg needs ($3 a dozen).

On a brighter note, our ducks have stayed safe and sound in the hoop house and have finally started laying regularly (turns out those earlier "duck eggs" were just giant chicken eggs!). We'll be quintupling their numbers this spring since they're so nice to have around. A dozen duck eggs will go to the next CSA member to get in their signup form & payment!