Thursday, July 18

If you follow our Facebook page then you know that unfortunately the farm was burgled last Sunday night.  The thieves cut through steel locks on our storage unit and took most of our equipment and tools including a generator, mower, power tool set, chainsaws, batteries, grinder, propane torch, farm cart and many other items.  It's a sad fact that this is the risk for anyone living or doing business in our city, and until now we had been lucky to suffer minimal losses thanks to watchful neighbors and police.  While we don't know yet if insurance will cover any of our losses, we know there is a long list of things needing replacement (some more immediately than others).  I've added these to our Wish List for the farm--please take a look over it and consider donating any surplus or unused items you might have available.  We're also in need of someone with welding skills and equipment to fashion a new door locking mechanism.

Thanks very much to Melinda, Jenelle, Carrie, Ashley, Maribeth and many others who've already offered support!

broken locks