Wednesday, May 22

We've been busy this month!  April's neverending rain gave way to daily sunny skies and summer temperatures, and it's been a race to keep up with the grass, thistle and bindweed to get our crops in the ground on time.  The hoop house is a jungle again of thriving salad greens, tomato plants, seedlings, lamb's quarters, and ... mosquitoes.  Outside our garlic continues to shoot up, while we wait impatiently for the peas, fava beans, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, spicy greens, and more to grow.  We've put in hundreds of heirloom tomato transplants, kale, broccoli and cabbage, hundreds of feet of onions and potatoes, and replaced 20 fruit trees with healthy new apples and pears.  Strawberries and grapes are now leafing out as well, and we'll have sweet potatoes to plug in later this week.  It wouldn't be spring without our new annual tradition: the tractor busting its driveshaft while mowing!  How long will it take to repair this time?  We're psyched to try out our new (old) Kubota this weekend, just as soon as we fix the battery, the brush mower, the plow hitch and the tiller.

We're sure you've been busy too, but now's the time to finally send in your CSA signup sheet you forgot earlier!  We are still accepting new members before we start in June; find the info you need right here on the CSA page.  Who will help us eat all this kale?