Thursday, January 19

There's still time to adopt a tree! We now have the full list of fruit varieties:

APPLES - Liberty, Freedom, Galarina
PEARS - Magness, Seckel, Sunrise, Moonglow
ASIAN PEARS - Shinko, Shinseiki, Hosui, New Arirang
CHERRIES - Black Gold, White Gold
PLUMS - Empress, Green Gage

Anjou pear orderers: I'm going to recommend Sunrise as a replacement, it's a new variety with similar quality but more disease-resistant. Most varieties were chosen for reliable production, quality and disease resistance since they'll be growing in hard soil without conventional spraying. Thanks to Moser Fruit Tree Sales and Nash Nurseries (both in Michigan) for coordinating our orders!

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year! As we get ready for another busy season, now's a good time to thank everyone who volunteered on the farm, donated supplies, invested in trees, bought and sold our produce, and otherwise helped make our first year possible. So...thank you to Ellen and Terry, Doug, Eric, Ebonique, James, Greg, Jeff and Lisa, Richard and Deb, Carmen, Timmy, Paul, Jade, JP, Toby, Scooter, Earl, Sebastien, Mary Ellen, Aspen and Tim, Helen, Kate, Sarah, Blair, Hillary, Craig, Curtis, Justin, Bryan, Bill, Kathryn, Anne, Alex and Zena, Adam, Ben, Jill, Nate, Clayton, Melinda, Andy, everyone who helped with the hoop build and anyone else I've forgotten! Hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and productive year ahead.

Saturday, December 17

Thanks to everyone who's pitched in for a tree so far! We still have plenty more to get. In addition, here's another great opportunity to sponsor a tree: replant an olive tree for $25 and help a Palestinian farmer! You can donate toward this effort here.

Saturday, December 3

Looking for a different kind of gift for someone this Christmas? Can't find a parking spot at the mall? Turn around and get them a pear tree instead!

Food Field is planting an orchard this spring and you can help us make it happen by adopting a tree. Choose an apple, pear, cherry or other tree (or pick several) and we'll get it ordered and planted here with your name on it! For a small amount you can support a local business, help revitalize an area of Detroit, and enjoy fresh organic fruit for years to come. Click here for more info and how to sign up.

Friday, December 2

Welcome to our new web site! Here you can find out what's growing on the farm, how and when to volunteer, things we need, and other tidbits. Check back for details on our 2012 CSA, orchard planting, and upcoming events in urban agriculture, or sign up to get periodic updates on important happenings. What else do you want to see here? Send Noah your suggestions!


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